{Cheat} MTN 500Mb Bonus Accumulation Cheat With MyMTN App

 In today’s tutorial, I’ll be teaching you a new cheat to accumulate MyMTN App 500Mb bonus as much as you like. This cheat has been available for some days now but only a few knows how to go about accumulating MyMTN app bonus data.

I won’t say much in this post. I’ll just go straight to the point and be very quick. So I urge you to be very attentive and follow all the procedures which I’m about to unleash in this post.

Note that you can only use an MTN sim that you haven’t used on MyMTN App before. After that, let’s proceed.

MTN 500Mb Bonus Accumulation With MyMTN App

Follow below steps carefully, based on my own usage and experience;

> Login to MyMTN App with that new MTN number. An OTP will be sent to the number, kindly input the code and tap on Verify

> If the number hasn’t been used before, you will get a pop-up welcome message on the app, else this cheat won’t work for the number.

> Now, on the main page of the app, tap on the Click To Activate… and press back button immediately. Repeat the process until you are tired. This is where the accumulation starts. (Make sure you set your network mode to 3G only so the loading won’t be that fast before you press back button). Any slight delay before pressing the back button, the accumulation will stop for that sim.

> To check data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

> Accumulated Data is valid for just 24 Hours.

That’s all friends. Enjoy while it last. I have accumulated over 20GB on different MTN sims.

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