{Money} 7 Best Investment Saving Apps In Nigeria

  Without wasting any more time, let us consider the best investment apps in Nigeria:

1. Piggyvest

Launched in January 2016, PiggyVest started as a savings bank under the name ‘PiggyBank’. In 2019, the company rebranded and changed its name to PiggyVest.

Today, it has become a premier saving and investment app in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. PiggyVest is a foremost savings app to give you financial freedom and also provides you with investment opportunities.

With PiggyVest, you earn interest and bonuses as you save and invest. The interest rate on savings ranges between 10% to 15.50%, and you could receive up to 25% as a return on investment.

The PiggyVest app has features which make saving and investing a lot easier for individuals. These features include:

  • Quick Savings- This PiggyVest feature allows you to fund your Piggy Bank anytime you want. 
  • Piggy Bank- This is PiggyVest’s primer savings option.
  • Investify- Lets you invest in secure, low-risk investment opportunities to earn more.
  • SafeLock- enables you to lock your savings for a specific duration and receive up to 15.5% per annum.
  • Target Savings- Allows you to save as you want to meet specific goals like your wedding, rent or vacation, school fee, or business. 
  • PiggyFlex- This is the daily savings account option for quick withdrawals in case of emergencies.
  • Autosave- Using Autosave, you can fund your PiggyVest account by setting recurring payments. 
  • Flex Dollar Wallet- This option allows you to fund your PiggyVest account internationally and also conduct international transactions. 

The PiggyVest app is available for download on the Google play store and App store. You can also sign up through the website. On signing up, you would be required to provide your bank account for withdrawals and debit card information for savings. 

2. CowryWise

CowryWise is another one of the best investment apps in Nigeria. It is a renowned saving and investing app operated by financial technology experts with over 20 years of experience. 

The CowryWise app helps Nigerians save automatically and invest their savings, allowing them to obtain their financial dreams. Its interest rate starts from 10%, and you earn interest of up to 15% as well as bonuses using the CowryWise app.

Your CowryWise savings account allows you to invest in low to medium risk investments like mutual funds, Nigeria Eurobond, and money market securities. You can choose to withdraw your savings at maturity or roll it over to earn compounding interest on investment.

The CowryWise app provides you with features to allow your savings:

  • Regular savings- This savings feature allows you to automate your savings periodically. Life Goals- This feature allows you to save for long term goals.
  • Halal Savings- This plan resembles regular savings, and is targeted at Muslims. The difference here is that interest is not paid on savings. 

Signing up with CowryWise is easy as you can download the app from the Google play store or App store and also register using the website.

3. Investment One

Investment One started in 2008 as an asset management company incorporated and licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC).

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guaranty Trust Bank PLC. The Investment One app gives you access to savings, private banking, and investment. 

With the app, you can invest in top-rated business and financial services like Asset Management, Stockbroking, Trust and Pension Fund management, services, and earn variable interest rates from savings and investments.

You can sign up for Investment One by downloading the app on the android and iPhone play store or by registering on the website.

4. Afrinvest (Afrinvestor)

Afrinvest is next on our list of the best investment apps in Nigeria. 

The Afrinvest app focuses on investment banking, trading in securities, assets management, and investment research in West African markets. 

Owned by Afrinvest Securities Limited, Afrinvest operates as a dealing member with the Nigerian Stock Exchange. It is also regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission as a broker-dealer. The app gives you an easy way to invest in attaining financial freedom. 

You can use this app to buy and sell shares or invest in fixed income securities. The app provides a live chat interface where you can share your thoughts, comments, or make a complaint. You can withdraw your investment by transferring funds to your bank account.

Some of Afrinvest plans include:

  • POP
  • Groove
  • Classic

The Afrinvest app is available for download on the apple and android store, you can also sign up on their website. 

5. I-Invest

This investment application lets you buy and trade securities and treasury instruments on your own. Working in partnership with Sterling Bank, I-Invest allows you to purchase investment without a stockbroker. 

On this app platform, as of now, you can buy and sell treasury bills, Save money, and earn an interest rate that ranges between eight to eleven per cent.

The minimum savings amount for investment on I-Invest is one hundred thousand Naira. You can make a withdrawal from your account by transferring to the account you added when you were registering.

Download the I-Invest app through the apple or android play store. Alternatively, you can also sign up for I-Invest through its website.

6. PayDay Investor

The PayDay Investor app is another one of the best investment apps in Nigeria. It lets you earn interest on your investment according to the term of your savings. 

The minimum starting amount is one thousand Naira, and you can save with your family or friends to reach a specific goal. You are allowed to add funds to your account using your debit card and withdraw money at any time. 

They have account plans including:

  • Goal-based investment
  • One time investment
  • Group Goal Investment

Download The PayDay Investor app on your apple or android device through your play store to register. You can also visit The PayDay Investor website to register and start making your investments.

7. Kolopay

Kolopay is another Nigerian investment app. The word “Kolo” in the Yoruba language means ‘Piggybank’. You can realize your saving goals gradually by using the app. With Kolopay, you earn 10% interest as you save money automatically.

Kolopay’s plans can be linked to saving goals you have set for your self. You can save for real estate, home furniture, laptops, vacation trips, motor vehicle, electronics, and mobile phones.

To save for these target goals, create a direct debit instruction with your bank to transfer that amount to your Kolopay savings account regularly.

Go the Kolopay website or your device play store to download the app. Next, create an account and pick a goal and begin to save to reach that goal, and keep growing your savings and earning interest.


We have considered the best investment apps in Nigeria. These apps will help you save automatically and also invest your savings.

You can use the apps to keep tight control of your investment and for growing your portfolio. Start investing today by downloading any of these apps now. Your personal information is secure.

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