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How To Get 500MB Free Data From MTN Momo App And Accumulate Up-to 5GB

 In this article you will learn How To Get 500MB Free Data From MTN Momo App And Accumulate Up-to 5GB.

MTN is known for giving out free data on most of their apps so as to get more attention by potential users, and just like the myMTN app, users will now be able to enjoy free 500mb data from the momo app.

The best part about this free data is that it does not need any settings or configuration. But before we begin let's understand a few things about the momo app.

The MTN momo app is simply a mobile money schemes that makes it easier for cash transfers and payments via mobile phone. The app claims to offer features live sending money, receiving, saving and also seamlessly paying for goods and services.

So now that we all understand what the momo app is all about, let's learn how to get the free 500mb data on your MTN line.

Getting the free 500MB on your momo app is not a difficult task. All you have to do is just follow the simple steps below:

1. The first step is to download the MTN momo app.

2. After the first step, launch the app on your phone and register with your MTN line.

3. After you must have registered successfully your line will be credited with free 500MB data.

How To Accumulate Mtn Momo App 500MB Free Data

Just like the mymtn app youcab accumulate data up-to 5gb, and all you have to do is refer a friend.
After you registration you will get a referral code or link which will be used by the person you want to refer.

Each new referral will earn you 200MB, and this can reach up-to 5GB depending on the number of people referred.

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